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  Photo Gallery » Air Traffic control GCA Nhatrang
     People who work to keep the sky safe for instrument flight or visual flight .
     We have 35 items in this album on 3 pages.
     Viewed: 942 times since Sep 28, 2012.
     Owner: lgpham
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Meet this two nice people . They look so young ...
Viewed: 377 times.
Humming bird is coming back
Viewed: 182 times.
rice from the field
Viewed: 173 times.
running for health
Viewed: 272 times.
fish from the Philippines
Viewed: 172 times.
Mr. phu Sọn and Mrs Ha
Viewed: 225 times.
bee at work
Viewed: 117 times.
neo duong mua thu
Viewed: 109 times.
house for sale: SOLD
Viewed: 107 times.
Girls from tribal Vietnam
Viewed: 215 times.
unloading GCA 1963
Viewed: 114 times.
GCA unit wheel lock in place 1963. I took over this facility in 1972
Viewed: 107 times.
Airbase Control Tower Nha trang . This is the old one . The new one is on the other side of the air base .
Viewed: 128 times.
Viewed: 145 times.
A1E Skyraider was finally replaced by the A37 jet with extra gas tank for longer operation .
Viewed: 127 times.
Huey Ray, this pic was taken from my rented house on the back of the base .
Viewed: 154 times.
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