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  Photo Gallery » Ghosts encountered in a haunted hotel in San Antonio
     Một đời ngang dọc thích yêu ma Ma nữ kiêu sa dáng ngọc ngà Thuyền tình tới bến ...rồi mới biết Ma thiệt ...trời ơi nổi da gà
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Read more stories from hotel guests on topic "Linh Tinh" ...
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The tenth floor has been known to have many ghost encounters ...the room that has the red tape around the door has been abandoned for a long time ...
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He saw an old man wearing formal Civil War costume several times at night ...
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The adjoining door knob was contansly shaken around 3 a.m. though the room next door was unoccupied, he claimed...
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A tremendous loud noise of breaking glass woke me up around 3 a.m. I found a small foam box with one pate chaud in it fell on the floor ...though it had been put in the middle of the coffee table
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