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  Photo Gallery » Class of 70B: This album is a collection from several sources posted on Canh Thep. Many thanks to the owners of those albums.
     We have 45 items in this album on 3 pages.
     Viewed: 831 times since Jul 15, 2004.
     Owner: gina123
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70B x4
Viewed: 142 times.
Xuan va Ca Si
Viewed: 197 times.
Cuong, Dung, Thu, Tri, Cuong, Phung va Gia Dinh
Viewed: 165 times.
Cuong, Dung, Xuan, Nghiep 71C, Phung, Giao, Cuong, Tri*
Viewed: 199 times.
Lê Vỉnh Thành & Phu Nhân*
Viewed: 191 times.
Lê Vỉnh Thành & Phu Nhân
Viewed: 211 times.
70B x5*
Viewed: 163 times.
Phung, Xuan, Dung, Cuong
Viewed: 164 times.
70B x7
Viewed: 146 times.
70B x8
Viewed: 158 times.
70B x9
Viewed: 142 times.
Viewed: 171 times.
Viewed: 205 times.
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