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  Photo Gallery » Saigon 2001

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Saigon_01 - Presidential Palace

From:  fbuis  (Apr 04, 2004 01:13 CST)
Rebuild on the old Norodom Palace, this Presidential Palace was conceived by achitect Ngo Viet Thu and built by the ARVN, finished in 1966

From:  (Apr 19, 2004 19:29 CDT)
Hey, Who are you? are you the owner of these pictures? IF you arẹ What do you think when you posted these picture on this web site with all the airplanes once owned the sky of a great country and now have to seat in a bad spot. Are you proud of it???????? I AM NOT.

From:  fbuis  (Apr 20, 2004 16:59 CDT)
Mr., as a plastic modeller who live in France, I just begin to build a VNAF model aircraft collection – I am attracted by the Vietnam war in the sixties and seventies, so I am searching the document and information about this war and the Vietnam history in order to learn more about the ARVN, including the VNAF, I learn many heroic stories about the ARVN such as the last flight of Major Truong Phung (518th FS) in his A-1 Skyraider, Lt. Thanh and Hien in their AC-119K over Saigon’s sky in April 29th, 1975 – The death of Commander Nguy Van Tha, commander of Patrol craft escort Nhat-Tao HQ10 who died in action at the Paracel Islands in the naval battle between the RVN Navy and the Chinese in 1974 – This naval battle was not supported by the VNAF because of the long distance between Vietnam land and the Paracel Islands, moreover, the VNAF F-5 and A-37 (one feature of the VNAF A-37B, as all of their fighters were, was the lack of air refuelling probe) could not involved in this battle without the refuelling system and the tanker aircraft (such as KC-135 tanker) in order to refuelling in flight. These stories made me sad… I admire these soldiers who died for the freedom and their country, and surely for other former ARVN soldiers scatting around the world after the fate day: April 30th, 1975. They sacrificed their life, spent their youth and power to fight for the cause : freedom. As in the Vietnam war, the photograph in military airbase was prohibited and nobody can enter The Presidential Palace in Saigon, I took these pictures in my last visit to Vietnam, I put my pictures on CT in thinking of sharing the view of Saigon today to the CT members, I think this website is not only reserved to VNAF wingmen but also for all people who loves the CanhThep website, among the members, many were born after 1975 in overseas countries that never see the Vietnam, the parent’s native country. As I did some comments about my pictures, I am very angry to see the VNAF aircrafts painted in “Disneyland-scheme”, by no-respect or by ignorance of the ARVN history. You expressed your anger, well, as the same thing of mine in front of these aircrafts. In short, I hope that my picture album does not bring you and me to a endless debate, hurting each other. Just confirm and reply to me, I am ready to delete them out. My excuses for my poor English. Francois Buis.

From:  fbuis  (Apr 21, 2004 03:50 CDT)
Another VNAF photo album on Canh Thep by Pham Quang Khiem :

From:  (Apr 22, 2004 18:24 CDT)
Mr. F. Buis You still don't understand. you just don't show pictures of airplanes once belong to the "VNAF" being tied down by them on a web site call " Canh-Thep". Think about it you may understand unless you are one of them, then you let me wish you LUCK. If you really want to learn about real Viet-Nam there are a lot of good web site out their for you to read. How about start with will get you connect to the others.

From:  fbuis  (Apr 23, 2004 05:06 CDT)
Mr., thank you for your advice, I think with your help, I will have many more information about the ARVN. Regards.

From:  LienTri  (Apr 23, 2004 11:47 CDT)
Mr. Buis. You are a good man . Thanks a million .

From:  (Apr 23, 2004 20:11 CDT)
MR. Buis I think we get off in a wrong foot, I think, you not the one I think you are, and for that, I am sorrỵ .You are a good man, If there are few more like you out there, "THINGS" may be different in the good term. One more time, I was wrong about you . I am sorry for that . You are a good man , Thanks a million . Few albums next to yours on CanhThep have some good pictures (One posted by Pham quang Khiem and few more about Dai Hoi Truc Thang 2004 in Houston....)You may want to take a look when get time . Yours

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