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Đọc được vài lời bình luận (comment) trên YouTube của một người xem 1 chương trình của NewsMax TV:

Socialist “Medicare for All” is what DemoKKKrats [Democrats] call the new plan. It’s a big, messy proposal, but here are the three things that every citizen should know about what it would do:

* “End private insurance" as we know it, DemoKKKrats HATE Capitalism!

** "Seniors pay the price." America’s seniors have been paying their whole lives into a system that promised to take care of them in their old age. But as seen in European single-payer systems, “Medicare for all” will likely lead to less care for seniors and longer wait times. 20 million Americans would lose their Medicare Advantage Plans.

*** "Cost $32 trillion." Who pays the exorbitant price tag? - Working families. According to the Council of Economic Advisers, the tax increases would lower household incomes by $17,000.

- Comment by: Rob Donaldson (on YouTube - Apr 10, 2019) -

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