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Tại San Antonio từ thứ Ba 20 đến thứ Sáu 23 tháng 10 năm 2020
( Nếu Ôn dịch Tàu không còn tồn tại !)
Fellow IP's and Students,

Linda & I hope that all of you are doing OK during this COVID-19 health crisis. Thus far we are fine. Other than the restrictions regarding travel, much of our day is the same, although we miss meeting others, going to workout sessions at our respective gyms and attending our church. However, if these self or government imposed guidelines/restrictions are effective, they will be well worth our inconveniences.

Even though the future is uncertain because of COVID-19, Bill Burns, others on our reunion committee and I are still planning to move forward with our plans for the 2020 Reunion of the 3389th PTS. Bill has been working hard to put a good reunion in place and we should be sending out details in early April. As a reminder, it will be held at The El Tropicano Riverwalk Hotel, 110 Lexington Avenue, San Antonio, TX 78205 and is scheduled for October 20th (Tuesday) through October 23rd (Friday).

As previously mentioned, this year I will send the 2020 Reunion information and Registration Form to you by email. For those who don't use computers or have access, I will send the same documents by USPS mail.

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